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Breast Cancer May Be Linked to High Cholesterol

Nadia Cavner is a nationally recognized investment professional who currently functions as president of Springfield, Missouri’s Nadia Cavner Group. When she is not working, she supports a number of charity groups, including local community kitchens and breast cancer awareness programs.

New studies have demonstrated that a woman’s risk of breast cancer may be increased by high cholesterol levels. The British study, conducted at the Aston University School of Medical Sciences in Birmingham, concluded that monitoring and controlling cholesterol levels with medication could potentially prevent the development of breast cancer in women. The study took into account the medical records of more than 650,000 individuals over a 13-year period. Women with high cholesterol levels were found to be 64 percent more likely to have breast cancer.
Researchers involved in the study, while acknowledging that the results were preliminary and will need to be confirmed through further exploration, have suggested that prescription drugs used to treat high cholesterol, commonly known as statins, may be used in future clinical trials to treat breast cancer.

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