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International Religious Freedom Ministerial on Role of Government

Nadia Cavner

The president of her own private investment group for more than a decade, Nadia Cavner has extensive experience in the financial industry. A committed philanthropist, Nadia Cavner supports numerous community organizations, as well as the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Recently, she attended the first Ministerial on International Religious Freedom, an invitation-only event held in Washington, DC.

In July 2018, USCIRF brought together representatives from around the world for the three-day event. The agency focused on several topics related to religious freedom, including the role of government.
To address this topic, USCIRF began by evaluating international challenges to freedom of religion with the help of representatives from a diverse range of organizations and government groups from more than 80 countries. Subsequent sessions delved into how to respond creatively to persecution and included testimonies from individuals who had experienced religious persecution. USCIRF also provided governments with an opportunity to renew their commitment to protecting religious freedom.

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